Supporting Our Community

Windows Plus makes it a regular practice to stay involved in community service and activities. The company sponsors Safety Fairs and Crime Prevention Days for the Fairfax and Prince William County Police Departments, conducts home security presentations for Neighborhood Watch Associations and works with government agencies to educate employees on safety and security in the home. As a result of its work in the communities over the last decade, the owners ofÊWindows Plus, Reg and Tom, have been recognized by local crime prevention associations as industryÊleaders in the sales and marketing of intruder-resistant windows and doors.

In most areas, crime is on the rise and one of the most popular points of entry into the home is through the windows. Sometimes burglars can enter the home due to sheer carelessness through unlocked windows. This, of course, can always be prevented by taking time to check all locks. But, burglars can also gain entryÊby breaking the glassÊpanes with ease.ÊIn a matter of seconds, an intruder can hit the glass panes, thereby shattering the glass, enter the premises , remove items and leave before being detected.

Windows Plus offers a product to homeowners that has proven to help deter crime, one that will discourage intruders at the very least: laminated glass. The manufacturers that Windows Plus works withÊoffer products with double or triple insulating glass. These systems are high performance products designed to provide greater comfort, thermal efficiency, UV-rays protection and most importantly greater security. ÊLaminated glass can take repeated hits from any burglar’s tools and after many tries, at the most a small hole may form. But, a burglar only has a few moments to make entry and leave and laminated glass just simply does not offer that possibility.

Installing laminated glass on all of your windows may not be necessary, but Reg and Tom will help homeowners make the right decisions for any home improvement changes so that the greatest security and efficiency may be reached. When you are ready to make significant changes in the appearance, comfort andÊsecurity of your home, give Windows Plus a call at 703-916-8372. We are ready to make your community a greater place to live!