Dam That Ice

We are hearing from many homeowners about the build-up of iceÊ in your gutters and water then entering somewhere into your home. This is called “Ice Damming.” Ice gathers in the gutters and the gutters act as a dam for the water build-up. As the snow melts, moisture builds and water must find daylight. This is worse when the temperatures stay cold because the melting continues slowly due to the heat of the roof. It actually is a better situation when the temperatures warm up, the ice melts quicker and the situation can be handled at once.

In any event, homeowners needs to know that this is a common occurrence right now. Many experts will advise the homeowners to remove the gutters when this ice damming happens and let your insurance companies know what is going on. For those who have expensive gutter systems, the dilemma is worse as to what to do. The damages that can occur by not taking immediate steps can be devastating, but in the case with copper gutters, for example, the costs of losing those gutters weighed against the potential lost from the ice dammingÊneed to be considered. A homeowner should contact the insurance company in all cases to see what is a covered situation.

Remember that no snowfall of this natureÊhas occurred in 100 years, so it’s not likely to be a repeat performance for years to come…perhaps.

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