I ci cle. A noun. A “tapering spike of ice formed by the freezing of dripping or falling water.” This is how icicle is defined by The American Heritage College Dictionary. Now, doesn’t the word “spike” elicit some form of fear in each of you? Think about a “spike” of anything falling from above, headed toward you. Undoubtedly, that impact would hurt, and in fact, since our snowfalls these last couple of weeks, a number of ice “spikes” have injured people and damaged properties.

At one of our condominium projects in Arlington, a resident called us today to say that an enormous icicle had fallen through her skylights. Fortunately, the glass broke the potential impact of harm to anyone in the home, but it certainly did its share of damage.

Just look up and make sure you are not in harm’s way of a dangerous icicle. They are decorating many buildings these days. We like you as our customers and we are here to help you with any of your home improvement needs. But, we want you to stay safe, so practice safety!

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