Seniors: Take Caution

We have heard about this in the news and have seen it ourselves, but who would want to hurt a senior citizen? Lots of people apparently, and amongst them unfortunately can be the neighborhood contractor. Hurting seniors has come in various forms – Êfrom physical abuse to verbal abuse or to taking advantage of their situations. We are talking hereÊabout the latter.

For example, we heard recently from one of our senior customers that when he decided against going with a particular local contractor for replacement windows and doors in his home, the company representative said to him point blank: “Buy or we’ll sue you.” The order had not been placed; in fact, the measurements had not been taken. The contractor had not lost any money. And, to top it off, the prices were exorbitant – criminal, really. But, the customer was afraid not to go ahead, so he bought some of the windows from that contractor and came to Windows Plus for the rest.

What everyone needs to know is that there are always better companies to work with when you have doubts about a particular company or product. No homeowner should feel pressured into spending money and at the time of a sales presentation, every homeowner should have a good education on the products and services before taking any steps. And, although there is a period ofÊ3 business days to get out of the home improvement contract once signed, it is nothing short of good faith andÊcourtesy prior to placing an order that a contractor should extend to a homeowner when things just are not going to work out. It’s always in everyone’s best interest to make a situation favorable to both parties, and if there are glitches that occur in between the sales presentation and the ordering of the products, well, then, contractors, let’s be fair, particularly as it relates to senior citizens.

Senior citizensÊoften areÊat a disadvantage in many cases – they may not have as much access as othersÊto resources through the internet or be in a circle of people where the information on home improvements is shared more readily. They may be more vulnerable to fast-talking sales reps and feel rushed into making a quick decision. This is not right, short and simple. And, when we say that we educate the customer and make sure that he or she is comfortable with the proposed changes to be made, that’s exactly what we mean.

This last example of abuse drove aÊhomeowner to us, soÊin this case, we get to build the long-lasting relationship with the consumer. But,Êeveryone beware of who is in your home and talking you into doing something that you are not ready to do. Making such large changes in a home is costly, time-consuming and stressful, but the process and outcome should be a great one. After all, these changes are not made frequently, but when made correctly,Êthey make a tremendous impact on the quality of life – savings in energy and costs, comfort, beauty and most importantly, security and safety.

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