Expo 2010

The Capital Home & Garden Show took place from February 25-28 at the Dulles Expo. Windows Plus had its usual booth there, as we have for many years, as another way to support the community and make it stronger. We received a great deal of interest from homeowners who are interested in updating their homes.

In particular, many consumers are hoping to take advantage of the 2010 tax energy credit available for qualifying purchases for windows and doors. The crowd was greater than expected for part of the time, but as the economy dictates, there were less people overall on some of the days. No worries, everyone realizes that their purchases must be well-thought out, but that is not stopping homeowners from making great improvements in their homes. In fact, the economic swings are forcing homeowners to make smarter changes.

We have heard about the new term, “staycation,” as a way to stay home versus travel, but enjoy some changes in lifestyles. This is the perfect time to consider making changes in your home – replace your drafty windows, enhance your home with gorgeous entry doors or make your life more comfortable with efficient and attractive sliding patio doors. When you are ready to make the change, improve your home and love a new look, contact Reg or Tom at 703-916-8372. We are here to help you make the perfect selections for your home.