Designer Garages Add Storage & Versatility

Windows Plus offers homeowners designer garages with finished walls, floors, cabinets, trim and accessories. This additional space gives you a great solution to your storage needs with added versatility and creativity. Think about hanging your bikes and tools, or perhaps your golf clubs and tennis raquets. A designer garage allows you toÊfree up floor space and give you a neat, contained area for your supplies in a secure way.

In addition to improving the exterior of your home with windows, doors and siding, give some thought to completing the look with a designer garage. With many colors and options available for walls, floors, cabinets, trim and accessories,Êthis designer system is easy to maintain. The walls require no painting and have aÊUL94 V-O fire rating; the 12″ x 12″Êfloor tiles are interlocking, ventilated to allow for airflow and drainage, resistant to mold and stains, built tough to withstand heat, cold and humidity and overall very durable. The cabinets adjust to your needs and are open back so you can maximize the wall space behind them.

Call Reg or Tom at 703-916-8372 to learn more about how you can create your extra room today. Why not get everything up off your floor and out of the way so you can enjoy your space?