“Don’t Cut Corners”

A common question we hear from customersÊis, “How long will it take to install my windows”?Ê I have consulted with our in-house expert and install manager, Nam, and this is what I found out. What you cannot afford to cut in a window installation project are corners, that is, do not let your contractor take shortcuts just to get the job done quicker. Rushing through this sort of project breeds mistakes, costly ones at that.

In my talks with Nam, this is what I found out: with a 2-3 person crew, on the average, an installation team will be able to install no more than 12 windows per day to ensure the utmost in quality of craftsmanship. Of course, every instance has its variations, but this is a good hard and fast rule to guide you as a homeowner. Otherwise, you may be cutting costly corners.

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