Building Your Networks

The partnerships we build with other businesses can only make us stronger in the communities we serve. One of our “Recommended Associates” is Teri Deane, an independentÊRealtor for REMAX, out of Columbia, Maryland. Teri works in communities much like we do at Windows Plus, focusing on providing consumers with accurateÊinformation about the industry and the market so that they can make educated choices.

The decisions to improve your homes andÊenhance your communities will serve to add value to your house and provide a more secure future for you. These choicesÊare critical ones for homeowners, but with the right support networks and resources, they are attainable.

For more about Teri’s business, you may contact her at 410-715-3261 or And, as always, when you are ready to make significant changes to your home – whether you want to replace your windows, siding, or patio doors, sliding glass doors, french doorsÊor entry doors,Êcall on Tom, Reg,Êor Kim at Windows Plus to help you make the right choices today. We work to make your home a more efficient, comfortable and attractive place to be.

Be sure to ask if you can qualify for the 2010 Federal Tax Credit on your energy saving products.ÊThank you for your business, for your referrals and most importantly, for your trust.