EPA Delays Enforcement

The EPA is delaying the enforcement of their latest rules on lead renovation, repair and painting intended to minimize harm that stems from exposure to lead paint, in particular as it relates to children. In a June 18, 2010 MEMORANDUM issued by the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance of the EPA, it is noted that due toÊthe prevailing difficulties in firms obtaining the required certification and worker training, additional time for compliance has been extended.Ê Apparently, this has been a known issue since early on in the implementation process, and now here we are.

Nonetheless, this delay in enforcement has no bearing on the responsibilities of the window and door industry to ensure lead-safe practicesÊin all qualifying environments.ÊWindows Plus is a lead-safe certified firm. The owners, Reg and Tom are individually certified. Our install manager, Nam and his right-hand man are also certified on an individual basis.

This rule affects approximately 79 million homeowners across the country, given that this is the reported number of homes built before 1978 when the lead paint ban was imposed. Today, there are about 300,00 contractors that have taken the training course and received certification, a number well below the need to service the affected homeowners.Ê

This rule has had a negative impact on many industries, the window and door industry no exception. For those of us in this trade, we have many concerns with a number of aspects of EPA’s rules, for example,Êthe removal of the former opt-out provision and the inclusion of commercial buildings, not formerly a part of the lead-paint regulations. We are hopeful that EPA will visit ways to lesson some of the complexities and burdens of the new rules so that we can have a more hopeful outlook and be in a better position to achieve a successful rate of recovery in this industry.Ê

No doubt, every homeowner who is affected by these regulations should be madeÊaware of the potential hazards associated with lead-based paint, and it is incumbent on the professionals in our industry to impart knowledge and information in every applicable case. It is equally important that every homeowner be well aware of the contractorÊhe or she hires for any home projects. ÊBe sure to know the contractor’s credentials, it’s insurance coverages, history with customers, licensing, warranties and a basic understanding of theÊcompany’s business practices.

Reg and Tom have an outstanding reputation in this industry and welcome any questions that you might have on this latestÊinformation or any other questions that pertain to replacement windows and doors. We are very grateful to have such a loyal customer base and thank you for your many referrals. There is no question that serving our customers appropriately and consistently has served us very well over the years, but if you ever have any comments or feedback that could benefit our ability to service you better, we welcome all comments. You may contact Reg or Tom at 703-916-8372, orÊat rwayland@windowspls.com, tcamarca@windowspls.com.

We look forward to continuing our work with you!