Going Green with Windows Plus

Windows Plus takes going green very seriously and works diligently with manufacturers to promote the most energy efficient products and the cleanest and safest systems. Here are how some of our manufacturers are supporting the environment and how we are passing this on to you when you are making critical changes in your home.

Windows Plus has worked with Gorell Windows & Doors for over a decade providing homeowners with superior vinyl replacement windowsÊand doors. Gorell recycles most ofÊthe materials that enter its factory. Gorell does not cut down trees to make its products and employs minimal energy in its production processes. Gorell is listed with Green Spec in its directory of green building products.Ê And, for the 6th consecutive year, Gorell was nominated the Energy Star Partner as designated by the Departments of Energy and the Environment Protection Agency.Êwww.gorell.com

Windows Plus works with Vytex Windows for residential and commercial projects. Vytex is a local manufacturer in Laurel, Maryland that focuses on designing and developing products to accomplish great energy efficiency and environmentalÊcleanliness.Ê In fact, Vytex is a window manufacturer at the cutting edge of energy-saving technologies.ÊVytex offers homeowners the Envirosealed ª energy-efficient eco-friendly window that serves to improve the overall environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Envirosealed ª Windows are constructed to ensure excellence and pass on impressive savings each year to the consumer in energy costs. www.VytexWindows.com

Windows Plus focuses on providing the best education to the homeowner so that you can feel comfortable in making improvements in your home. We recognize that the choices you make in your home are a big investment and that making an informed decision is very important to you and your family.ÊWindows Plus offers Insulated siding with Fullback Technology ª insulated siding is a tremendous mechanism for heightened energy efficiency and is a green product qualified by Energy Star.ÊInsulated siding is ÒbreathableÓ and proven to improve air quality and reduce mold, mildew and bacteria in the home.

On these products and many more, contact Reg or Tom at 703-916-8372. And, as always, many thanks for your continued business. You are our very best asset.