2011 Energy Tax Credit

Despite earnest efforts by manufacturers and dealers in the window and door replacement industry to support an extension of the 2009-2010 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), 25C residential energy efficiency tax credit, Congress chose to do otherwise. In the 2011 final tax bill, Congress reverted back to the pre-ARRA standard, offering homeowners a 10% tax credit up to $200 for EnergyStar ™ windows.

It appears that this shift falls on the heels of the pursuit to reduce the budget, but leaders in the home improvement industry will continue to make great strides and efforts to promote the passage of the energy tax credit if this topic is revisited in the future. In particular, Window & Door Dealers Alliance (WDDA) is an active party in seeking the increased credit as well as a supporter of other policies that impact the window and door industry. You may follow WDDA’s efforts at: http://www.wddalliance.org/policy.html.

In the meantime, we at Windows Plus encourage homeowners to take steps to improve your home with the most energy efficient products so as to maximize comfort and savings. We are here to help guide you in making these critical decisions. Count on us for support, education and advice when you are interested in replacing your windows, doors and siding. Contact Reg or Tom at 703-916-8372. You may also ask your questions to Kim at kknight@windowspls.com.

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