2011 Energy Tax Credits

Not like they used to be, but the home improvement energy efficient tax credits live on. For a primary residence, a homeowner who replaces windows and doors is entitled to a credit up to 10% of the cost for a maximum of $500.00. ÊHowever, the maximum for windows is capped at $200.00. ÊThese credits are in line with what used to be the norm, but in the last 2 years, under the Recovery & Reinvestment Act, homeowners were entitled to claim a credit up to 30% of the material costs for a maximum of $1500.00 credit for these improvements. Again, labor costs are not included in the credit formula. So, do not dismay, merely take advantage of these credits by replacing your older and draftier windows and doors. For more information on how Windows Plus can help you maximize your energy savings, contact Reg or Tom at 703-956-6172. Thank you always for your referrals and continued business.