Home Repair Scams

Following is a statement that we received from a crime prevention officer in Fairfax County. It is very important information for all residents: “”Please be aware of increased activity with home repair scam suspects in our area. I have been involved with several of these cases in the past weeks.Ó Ð from one of our CIS Detectives here. Remember solicitors need a license, never pay upfront for work to be done at a later date, and when possible consult with a neighbor or family member if the price seems high or unreasonable.”

Crime does not discriminate, so everyone is vulnerable. Please take extreme precautions to protect you and your loved ones. When we work with residents, we provide our licensing information, addresses, contact data, contracts, references and insurance information. Please request this sort of documentation from anyone who will be working in or around your home. Safety matters. Call Reg or Tom with your questions on home improvements in your home. 703-916-8372 or 703-956-6172. Thank you for keeping your community safe.