Windows Plus offers you superior siding with the CraneBoard Solid Core Siding System. Products by CraneBoard require no maintenance, no sanding, no caulking, or painting throughout its entireÊlifetime. CraneBoard Solid Core Siding System is designed and engineered to block summer heat and reduce the entry of cold in the winter. CraneBoard provides an extra layer of protection with great insulating power. This system gives the homeowner as much as four times more the insulating capability than the standard vinyl siding with the usual backer board.

CraneBoard is also constructed to withstand much greater impact thanÊfiber cement or typical vinyl siding with standard backer boardÊand stands up to winds as great as 130 miles per hour. In other words, if you choose CraneBoard Solid Core Siding System, your siding will endure the harshest of elementsÊover a lifetime.

Additionally, there are other perks with CraneBoard siding. The Solid Core system offers decorative window and corner systems along with other accessoriesÊdesigned to match your home in color and beauty.

No maintenance, high performance andÊleading technology provide absolute freedom to the homeowner. Give Reg or Tom a call at 703-916-8372 when you are ready for a remarkable look and a lifetime of performance.