Desperate Times Don’t Mean You Should Suffer

I am writing here to make sure that you, homeowners in the Metropolitan Area, are not burdened with contractors who are pressuring you to make decisions on changes in your home. Poor economic times coupled with bad weather call for desperate measures, it seems, and this can result in a big issue for you. We see it all over the news – contractors who swindle and cajole, and leave homeowners high and dry. We want to make sure you know that you can call on us and trust our opinion and approach us, regardless of the economy. We take our business very seriously.

We have heard about contractors spreading rumors on other companies to try to get business, taking shortcuts, leaving jobs in the middle of the projects, and all due to money matters. Windows Plus relies on a sound and longstanding reputation to ensure that our customers, past, present and future, are serviced appropriately. We do not take our relationships lightly and we expect excellence at all levels of our work. If you have issues that you need to discuss, you can call us personally to ensure a quick resolution.

In these times, everyone is holding on tight. We want to help you make the right decisions for you and your home so that you can maximize your resources and have the best results. Call Reg, Tom or Kim at 703-956-6172 to talk about your home, your most solid investment. Thank you for your business, but more importantly, for your trust.