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Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe This Holiday Season

Holidays bring cheer and more people will be around your home. A wonderful time for everyone, including thieves, prowlers, trespassers and the like. We all get busier during this season and as such, might not be as mindful of activity that surrounds the home and community. People tend to travel more frequently in the months of November and December and empty homes are the perfect camp for intruders. These sorts will bank on the fact that you might not notice an extra person or vehicle in your neighborhood as you might in the less busy times.  Be aware of your surroundings and your neighbors’ travels. Notice if mail is piling up or if newspapers are left alone at any home and be extra open to unusual signs that might give rise to concern. If something stands apart, report it to the local police department. This all may seem logical, but in today’s hurried times, we each get caught up in our own schedules and activities and tend to forget what goes on around us.

When you decorate the outside of your home, notice if shrubberies are blocking the front of your house. An area hidden by bushes will breed the perfect hiding place for an intruder. Be sure that all windows and doors are locked at all times. You should check the locks periodically — sometimes, a window may not be locked properly and you will not know this until you check it out. Be sure to lock your vehicle doors as well — why make it easy on the criminal?

Don’t be a victim due to an unsecured home or unlocked vehicle. Take precautions to ensure that you celebrate your Holidays peacefully. If you have questions on your home improvements this season, be sure to call on the experts at Windows Plus at 703-956-6172. We provide outstanding service for your windows, doors, siding and roofing and are proud to service your communities for over two decades. Thank you to all of our customers — your referrals and repeat business are the backbone of our company. Wishing you an outstanding celebration this season, The Staff at Windows Plus.

OkToBerFeSt 2012

Please visit the Windows Plus booth at the Vienna OktoberFest on October 6 from 11 am – 7 pm on the Town Green and Church Street in the heart of Vienna. There will be live entertainment on two stages, a beer garden, a food vendor area with delicious choices, live music, children’s activities and a budding marketplace ideal for every age. As soon as we have our booth assignment, we will let you know our exact location.

Come see us to learn about our programs – how we can be of service to you for all of your home improvement needs, such as windows, doors, siding and roofing. We love to be your referred business – and, many thanks for all of your outstanding business over the years. Contact Windows Plus at 703-956-6172 with any questions.

Clearly, A Winner

Windows Plus proudly announces that Vytex Windows has been recognized by Window and Door magazine with the Crystal Achievement Award for the Most Innovative Plant in 2012. Vytex Windows is one of the manufacturers that provides windows and doors for Windows Plus customers.  Vytex is an outstanding company and Windows Plus appreciates its service and dedication.

The relationships that Windows Plus builds with its manufacturers are key to the overall success of the home improvement project. Windows Plus takes great pride in ensuring that the relationships it builds with manufacturers and suppliers always incorporate trust and integrity in each project. The products and warranties are very important, but key to the experience is the customer service, which boils down to relationships.

When you are considering making any changes in your home, remember to call on Windows Plus – at the very least, if you are not quite ready to make your changes, we have the experts on board who can guide you in the right directions. Contact us at 703-956-6172 for your home improvement needs, whether windows, doors, siding or roofing, we are here to serve you and make lasting impressions. As always, thank you for your business over the years.



Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a great summer enjoying the pool and on the really hot days, appreciating the
comfort of your home. My name is Melissa and I will be updating this blog from time to time. I am
enjoying living in the DC area and working as the summer intern for Windows Plus.

On Monday, I had the opportunity to work at a community event in Vienna called VivaVienna. I have
been to the DC area many times, but have never ventured into Vienna. As a fan of history and old
books, I absolutely loved being in Vienna. It is a quaint town that successfully mixes the modern and
the historical. As we walked around and set up the booth for the event, there was definitely a family-
oriented feel. There were rides for the kids, cotton candy and lemonade stands along with all the unique
fair food. Area companies and artists lined the streets. Most people were standing at the front of their
tent ready to talk to people.

Before the event started, we visited a local Starbucks. I noticed on the wall that there were letters
posted from their customers. These were not just nice comments that the customers said because they
were coaxed into taking a survey for a chance to win money or to obtain a code to get something free
the next time they visited; rather, most of them were hand written, thanking the employees for their
friendship. One of the postcards came from Switzerland that a customer sent to the baristas at the
store, just to say hi and tell them how her trip was going. You could tell the relationship was not merely

Through other encounters, it was easy to see that Vienna cares about community and about making
connections. It made complete sense to me as to why Windows Plus participates in VivaVienna. At
Windows Plus, you will receive excellent customer service, top of the line products and honest pricing.
But, what Windows Plus and the town of Vienna grasps, that can make all the difference, is that it
all comes down to relationships. Windows Plus believes in having a personal connection with their
customers. We take the time to learn your name, your situation and your home so that we can provide
the best service and installation possible.

Some companies are “get in, get the job done and get out.” But, with Windows Plus you can rest
assured that you will know the people who are doing the job and vice versa, not only while the work
on your house is being completed, but in the days following. We do not just appreciate your business;
we appreciate you. You are the reason Windows Plus has been in business for 23 years and able to
participate in community events such as VivaVienna. Thank you for your loyalty and for connecting
us to those around you. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with you and your
community. As always, if you have any questions call Reg or Tom at 703-956-6172.

WORDS Do Make a Difference

Did you see today’s Washington Post article about the several companies that have advertised extreme energy savings with their products that they simply cannot support? Fortunately, the FTC has put a stop to these exaggerated, unfounded statements that can only have served ultimately to harm the homeowners.  There is absolutely no doubt that our consumers are our greatest asset in this industry — to mislead the homeowner with outrageous figures on the energy savings with particular products only serves to lessen the strength and reputation of window replacement companies.

While replacement windows likely will make some difference in the comfort in the home, and certainly in the appearance as compared to older windows, it is a known fact in the home improvement industry that measurable energy savings are proven to be very difficult to substantiate in any case. National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is the trusted source for information on energy performance. Be sure to ask the contractor for the NFRC product labels.

We, at Windows Plus, are very particular about our marketing and advertising for a number of reasons. Most importantly, we expect to always protect you, the consumer/homeowner, as we do believe that you deserve honest and upright answers to your questions. The investment you make in your home is likely one of the largest ones you will make in your lifetime. Secondly, we do not intend to pass on heavy advertising costs to you and in this respect, we determine the reasonable marketing and advertising costs in our business and maintain those costs appropriately. Along these lines, we price our products as fair to you as is possible in our business. Fair does not mean one pricing schedule versus another; it does not mean stating one price and dropping to another for that “one-night close”; FAIR means that we price the products based on static factors, maintaining smart business values and serving the customers in the best ways that we can. We absolutely do not pass onto you exorbitant marketing costs; we strive to educate the consumer regardless of the choice in companies; and we feel good about ourselves at the end of the day.

Please call on Windows Plus for your questions, concerns, and whatever your interests in your home improvements may be. Regardless of the time of year, we are here to help. Every season has its climatic challenges and you may have specific needs that we can address. We have staff available to talk with you about energy factors, tax credits, or lack thereof, as the case may be. Thank you for your business always.  Reg and Tom, 703-956-6172 in Chantilly, Virginia.