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Credits Available for 2012 Improvements

Hot news concerning the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012–energy tax credits for windows, doors, skylights and more are again available for qualifying purchases. The 25C  homeowner credits are retroactive for 2012 and extend through 2013.  Information on the 2012 Residential Energy Credits, Form 5695, is available through the website for Internal Revenue Service.  Details on the extended homeowner tax credits and builder tax credits  are also available from Dsire, a database of renewable and efficiency incentive programs sponsored by the Department of Energy. This information is not yet available through the EnergyStar website, but promises to be so in the near future.

This move by Congress shows a great potential for increased home improvement projects this year and upswings in the housing market; hopefully, this important move by Congress will serve to lessen any doubts by the homeowner on the benefits of energy efficient products in the home.  Clearly, energy efficiency is a thriving topic and it appears that the 113th Congress will continue to advance legislation appropriately. Bipartisan work at its best!


Vytex Windows receives ‘Most Innovative Plant’ reward

Vytex Windows is proud to announce that they have eceived Window and Door Magazine’s Crystal Achievement Award for “Most Innovative Plant” in 2012.

Quality products, great service, dedicated employees, professional installation crews and a safe efficient, state-of-the-art working environment together result in satisfied, loyal customers. Vytex Windows has operated by this manta for 24 years. It sees its employees as its most valuable asset. Diverse in ethnicity, language and customs–more than 30 nationalities–they are united by a bond of trust in each other and in management to provide them with the best possible machinery and a comfortable working environment. This results in outstanding quality levels in all products manufactured, officials point out.  (…read full article)

What’s all the “Plus” about?

What do you think of when you hear the name Windows Plus? For some of you, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is that it is a nice name for a window company. However, the “Plus” is not just added on because we needed a nice sounding name; it has meaning. It stands for all the other services we offer you to improve your home. Not only will we replace your windows with high-quality, energy-efficient ones, but we also specialize in replacing your doors and siding with the same quality products. In addition, we offer kitchen and bath remodeling. After graduating high school, Reg and Tom began work in the construction business. After years of working in the field, they decided to start their own company. They have been in business for over 23 years serving wonderful customers with a variety of home improvement needs. So the next time you want to improve your home and you remember or hear the name Windows Plus, think windows, PLUS doors, siding, kitchen and bath. Once you do, give us a call at 703-956-6172 and we will be more than happy to help give your house that added “plus” you desire.

Tax Credit Updates for 2012

We wanted to make you aware of the fact that the Federal tax credits that were in place for windows and doors in 2011 have not been extended for 2012. This does not mean that the products you receive are not energy efficient; rather, the same highly efficient products are available on the market as always. Congress and the IRS collaborate on this matter and have made their decision not to extend the credits for this year and there is little to no explanation as to why such benefits have not been carried forward.

As a homeowner, we encourage you to know the stance of the local politicians you support concerning energy tax credits. Purchasing energy efficient products, despite the absence of a 2012 tax credit for windows and doors, still saves you money by lowering your energy bill. In this heat, we understand how important it is to keep the cool air in without running your energy bill high. That is why we strive to provide you with the best products to save you money. Do not be deceived by other companies who claim outrageously high percentages that are clearly unrealistic. Rest assured that Windows Plus will give you honest numbers and percentages on the amount of money you will save on your energy bill. Thank you for making us your first choice for home improvement. If you have any questions concerning the tax credits or energy efficient products, contact Reg or Tom at 703-956-6172.